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Tuesday, May 02, 2017
By Jill Daugherty Photography
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Mommy and Me Time! 

Fun story, This weekend, my daughter had her best friend over. I have been watching these two grow up together since they were babies. Before she fell asleep, her friend wasn't feeling great so I sat downstairs with them while we waited for the tylenol to kick in. My daughter was already sleeping and as I watched her friends eyes get heavier and heavier, I couldn't help but think how big they have gotten. Next year they are both going to be in fourth grade and turning ten. The tween sass is starting to kick in but it is still mixed with 'Mommy please tuck me in', big hugs and kisses. I know it will be a blink and she will be graduating 8th grade. So as I sat there in the dim light waiting for her friend to fall asleep, I started to cry. I am so proud of the girl my daughter is growing up to be and even though her friend technically isn't mine, I am just as proud of her. So as the tears rolled down my cheek, I knew how lucky I am to have these precious memories. (Yes... I am a big sappy mess sometimes...)

Being a mom is God's greatest gift. The only job in the world that is as thankless as it is rewarding. It doesn't matter how many times, I feel like a failure, these four little monkeys that call me mom are the best work I have ever done. They may not always mind their manners, or get straight A's but they are my squishy, lovable, frustrating, hilarious messes and I wouldn't want to spend a minute of my life without them. 

Our kiddos won't be little forever and even though we have a billion pictures scattered all over social media, rarely are we in any of them with our kids. This is why I do the Mommy and Me Special. I know you love your babies in the same way I love mine, and you are going to see that love in these pictures. 

Shoot me a message (text, email, messenger) and stop putting off being in the picture. You need to see what your love looks like. 


Mommy and Me sessions include:

•Full sunset session


•2 5x7

•accordion mini album



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Tuesday, February 07, 2017
By Jill Daugherty Photography
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Amy and Jerimiah planned a beautiful and romantic January wedding at Pere Marquette on January 28th, 2017.  After meeting with Amy, it was evident that her family meant the world to her and they were the centerpiece of her and Jerimiah's wedding day. I got to meet the kiddos for the first time at the engagement session, and I was completely blown away by how well mannered and sweet they were! Oh my gosh! These three beautiful children stole my heart! It was no surprise at all that they were the stars of the dance floor during the reception. Jerimiah on the other hand, didn't seem to be too fond of pictures during the engagement session so I had been preparing myself to speed through photos during the wedding as to not annoy him. I have never been more wrong about someone in my life! I had even prepared Courtney to be ready to figure out how to make him smile during portraits. She left to photograph him while I was with Amy. When she came back, she had a confused look on her face like I had told her some crazy made up story about Jerimiah. Apparently, Jerimiah was just off on engagement session day because I have never laughed so hard during the grooms portraits. We actually had a hard time getting Jerimiah to keep a straight face! Amy was stunning all day. Beaming, she came down that aisle gracefully and beautifully. She married the man of her dreams with her family proudly watching. Her brothers served as man of honor and best man and their nieces and nephews made up the rest of the wedding party. Jerimiah and Amy recited vows to his children and presented them with little gifts to remind them forever of those vows. (I teared up--this really shouldn't surprise anyone tho)  It truly was a family event. 


Enjoy your sneak peek! 





Mr & Mrs Sullivan {Pere Marquette Lodge} January 28th, 2017

Congratulations again Amy & Jerimiah!! Best wishes for continued happiness and a beautiful life filled with love! 

Monday, January 30, 2017
By Jill Daugherty Photography
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BRIDES! If you have been thinking about surprising your hubby to be with a boudoir session, this is the time to do it! I am extending this special price until the end of February. Boudior sessions are so much fun! If you have been thinking about a session, now is a great time to try it out. From now until February 28th I am offering 10 boudoir sessions that include: 60 minutes in studio, 2 outfits, 2 sets, an 8x12 30 page signature book with up to 40 images, and 10% off any a la carte items. Total package price: $500.

Book your appointment today to secure the sale price, and schedule it when you have that tan ready to go! All appointments will be scheduled during the week between 9am-2pm.




In order to secure sale price all boudoir sessions must be paid for at the time of booking with either credit or debit. Package fee is transferable but non refundable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
By Jill Daugherty Photography
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Is everyone ready for another fabulous wedding post? I know a few people who have been very patiently waiting for this! Nathan and Kelsey, your day was beautiful and elegant. It was filled with love and lots of laughter. Your family and friends adore you both!Kelsey, the note you wrote to your new mother-in-law made me cry behind the camera. (I get a little emotional sometimes!) By the end of the day, I didn't feel like just your wedding photographer anymore. I felt like I was another member of your big happy family! I hope you both had a fabulous time on your honeymoon! 


Congratulations again!! 





Sunday, August 07, 2016
By Jill Daugherty Photography
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Julie and Brian are a hell of a good time! Hard working, nice, super laid back and in absolute love with each other. It was BLAZING hot with humidity that should be found only in rain forests but they didn't care. They were getting married and nothing could get in the way. Their whole family and wedding party got ready together at her parent's house. Rita and Alvina pulled out all of the stops to make sure their clan was fed and had an enjoyable day. Dad picked flowers for his baby girl, Debbie brought her muffins that were to die for --seriously, I need that recipe-- and the brothers made sure to add plenty of orneriness to the day. Non stop laughs and a few happy tears with a beautiful sunset made it the best day ever for the love birds. I am honored to have shared the day with them!