Newborn Sessions

Lifestyle OR Studio


First step: who are you? Lifestyle and studio sessions are for two completely different types of people. Lifestyle sessions are editorial and have little to no posing. Often these portraits showcase the emotion of bringing your baby home. Studio sessions are beautiful and posed. These sessions feature posed portraits of baby sleeping with their adorable little bottom popped into the air. When you think back on the photography of your youth, think about which types of photos stand out in your mind. Are they your family portraits that adorn the walls of your parents' and grandparents' homes? Are they not a single photo, but a series of photos placed carefully in an album to share the story of that moment for years to come. No matter which type of session you prefer, you can be sure that you will enjoy your experience. 


Sessions done in the comfort of your own home. Minimal to no posing. Editorial style photography. Great for people interested in telling their family's story. Albums are a great way to represent this style of photography. Wall portraits are timeless because they are a part of your family history. 



These sessions include both complete and mini sessions. The mini session is a 30 minute baby only portrait session. Baby is wrapped in decorative wraps and scarves. Baby can be awake or asleep. This session produces beautiful portraits that capture the baby's sweet cherub face. 

The complete studio session includes both sleepy baby and family poses. The dramatic timeless portraiture produced will be a cherished family heirloom.